OGGI in Samarkand

Old Grey Goose International promotes multi-cultural appreciation and understanding through the performance and exchange of traditional song and dance.

On tour, the group specializes in performance and partnership with local folk musicians. On stage, international collaboration communicates unity and helps establish common ground in a culturally diverse world. OGGI is known for its hard work, low maintenance, and flexibility. Using acoustic instruments and vocal harmonies, they perform with a minimum of technical support, creating opportunities for informal and diverse performance venues in addition to formal concerts. The band also offers video and audio documentation.

Video clips

Goin' to the Barn Dance Tonight

Finnish Medley

Haul on the Bowline

La Bastringue

The Irish Girl

Silver Bells and Snow Deer

On the Road to Tajikistan

On the Road to Central Asia

On the Road to Cuba

On the Road to Turkmenistan

Collaboration with the Mongolia band Altai in Ulan Bator

Music of the Mongolia Steppes

Israel and Jordan Tour 2008

Audio clips

The Opera House Medley                     John Henry                                           Can't You Dance The Polka?                              Eight More Miles To Lewiston

La Bastringue                                      On The Road To Central Asia                Walking Boss                                                     Polska /Americanski Mazurka

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